Guided Meditation For Beginners
The primary goal of this group is to bring people together to practice meditation and provide the opportunity to meet other meditators. Our center and temple has a community room to talk with and share experiences with other like-minded individuals. We would like to encourage our friends out there, who are interested in the Buddhist meditation practice of being mindful and peaceful, to join us. We believe that mindfulness makes our everyday life more effective, productive, and fulfilling. By developing mindful practice, you will gain a deepening understanding of your own mind, and insight into how you react to, and interact with, the world around you. You will meet many wonderful and unique people, and will have the opportunity to build relationships with like-minded people. "The Way of Mindfulness Meditation of Tucson" is open to everyone. Our meeting consists of meditation practice rather than a discussion. If you are new to meditation or just starting your practice, we recommend attending the 3:00 session where you will be gently guided through a basic mindfulness technique. For the more experienced meditator, the evening session is silent with no guidance.
Community Chanting Class
Did you know that chanting is a form of meditation? Ajahn Sarayut and the other monks at Wat Buddhametta will teach us how to chant the Evening Puja in Pali, as has been done in the Theravada tradition for thousands of years. A short segment in the beginning of the class will be devoted to learning Pali phonetics, pronunciation, intonation, pitch, tempo and speed as we follow his lead. The last portion of the class will be our participation in the actual Evening Chanting. This class is of particular interest to those interested in joining the monastic community, as the twice-daily chanting forms an integral part of the daily routine. This is an open class and you are welcomed to come on a drop-in basis.
Guided Meditation & Dhamma Talk
For those interested in meditation practice and for those exploring Theravada Buddhism come and join us. This session is for beginners who are willing to meditate, sitting and walking, for 20 minutes at a time. The length of the sitting, walking, sitting meditation with instructions is 1.5 hours. The Dhamma talk is on the subject of meditation to help you understand your practice.
Silent Meditation
For those interested in deepening their meditation practice and for those exploring Theravada Buddhism come and join us. This session is for advanced meditators who have the ability to meditate, sitting and walking, for 30 minutes at a time without instructions. The length of the sitting, walking, sitting meditation is 1.5 hours.
Buddhist Study Group with Ajahn Sarayut
Meet with the Monk to learn the history, traditions, philosophy, and practices of Theravada Buddhism. The primary teacher, Ajahn Sarayut, was born in Thailand and has been a monk for over 25 years and now resides in Tucson, but guest speakers from other traditions and experiences occasionally lead this group as well. The idea is to give lay people an opportunity to learn and discuss Buddhism regularly and directly with a monk who has spent a lifetime training as a practitioner and a teacher. No need to call yourself a Buddhist, just explore a new world and have fun while you learn. Open class, drop-in.
Silent Meditation & Dhamma Talk (New Session)
This sitting meditation is assigned for people who already have established the meditation practice not for the beginners who still in need of the meditation guidance. However, all are welcome whether that person is new to the practice or experience meditator but willing to join the group. This sitting session is designed to replace the "Buddhist Study Class" during the abbot is in his monastic work related training in preparation of becoming the "recognized (or certified) a Buddhist monk ordination preceptor according with Thai Theravada tradition."

Nature of the session:
5:55pm      3 Welcoming Bells to Dhamma/Greeting.
6:00pm      30 minutes Silent sitting in session. Please walk in
                  silently if you come after the session which is begun.
6:31pm      Metta: Loving-kindness meditation.
6:45pm      Dhamma Talk by AjahnSarayut, the Abbot.
7:20pm      Bow out to Buddha, Dhamma, Sangha, and the teacher.
Silent Meditation Retreat
This retreat is designed for those wishing to deepen their experience in meditation, and to develop insight into the workings of the mind. The schedule for the day alternates 30 minute periods of sitting and walking meditation, with occasional breaks for tea and lunch, and ending with a Dhamma talk. This is a silent retreat, so we encourage you to speak as little as possible and to keep eye contact to a minimum. Please bring a small lunch for yourself, or a larger one to share with the monks and your fellow meditators. If you have not attended one of our retreats before, you are encouraged to attend the Orientation on the Friday before the retreat. This consists primarily of a Dhamma talk on the value and practice of meditation, and typically focuses on the experiences and obstacles that one will generally encounter when meditating for long periods. Space in the retreats is limited, so please stop by the Temple to sign up. Like all our programs, the retreats are offered freely to the community, though donations are always appreciated.
Individual Meditation Practice
Wat Buddhametta Monastery is generally available at these times for extended sitting and walking meditation. Stay for a few hours or all day. Design the time to fit your practice.
First Saturday Morning Children's Buddhist Study &
Meditation Class

Wat Buddhametta is pleased to offer our Saturday morning Buddhist Study and Meditation class. This class is for children ages 5-8. We meet from 9:00 to 10:00 each first Saturday of the month. The Buddhist Study and Meditation class teaches children how to cultivate good character , happiness and peace. They learn about what constitutes good ethical behavior . We explore these themes through activities such as meditation, story telling and discussion. We teach both walking and sitting meditation suited for both the beginner and more advanced student.This class also offers a time for mindful art and bring your own snack time. The children also learn proper etiquette for the Wat. All these activities work together leading toward a beautiful state of mind. Please feel free to join us for this free class. The monastery lives on donation only. Our next class is on the first Saturday of July. The class is led by Maechee (nun) Khanti and by a dedicated lay person. We look forward to meeting you and your children
Second Saturday Morning Buddhist Teaching & Mindfulness Meditation for Beautiful Minds
Wat Buddhametta is pleased to offer a teens meditation and study class that meets every 2nd Saturday of the month. The class begins at 9:00 and finishes at 10:00. All children ages 9-15 regardless of their experience , are welcome to join the class. Our class practices both sitting and walking meditation . There is an opportunity for discussion about the Buddha's life and teachings. We teach the ethics of kindness , self-discipline and respect. These practices lead us to a beautiful mind of peace and happiness in this very life. Please join us on the 2nd Saturday of each month. We hope to see you then! The monastery lives on donation alone. There is no fee for participating in any of Wat Buddhametta's activities.

Sunday Morning Ceremony And Lunch Offering to Monks
Wat Buddhametta, ( Tucson Buddhist Meditation Center ) is pleased to announce the start of its weekly Sunday Service and Alms and Lunch Offering. Sunday The Service will be held at WatBuddhametta on Swan Road just north of 22nd Street. The Sunday Service is led by the abbot, Ajahn Sarayut, monks, and lay community members. It includes chanting, 
meditation and a Dhamma talk by Ajahn Sarayut Arnanta and/or other monks.

Outline of Ceremony (Begin at 9:30 a.m.- 11:15 a.m.)

*Introduction to Ceremony by AjahnSarayut and/or other community members
*Taking Refuge and Five Precepts
*Morning Chanting
*Meditation Sitting
*Dhamma Talk by AjahnSarayut or other resident monks
*Traditional Blessing for community members by monks
*3 bows out to the Buddha, Dhamma, Sangha
*3 bows out to our resident monks
(done by lay community members)
*Ceremony Ends”

Alms and Lunch Offering to monks around 11: 15 a.m. then Community Lunch afterward. (Optional)

The Service will conclude by 11:15 a.m. at the latest. 
Following the Service, there will be an opportunity to offer food alms to the monks, and to join together as a united community for food and fellowship afterward. Please feel free to bring a dish to share with others. Some may not be able to stay for the alms and offering. Please feel free to leave at any time following the Service. Wat Buddhametta understands that many people in the mainstream community lead busy and demanding lives.They often cannot fit the day long services, celebrations and alms giving opportunities into their busy schedules. The Sunday Service offers a shortened and more convenient time in which everyone can enjoy practicing and hearing the Dhamma (teaching), as well as offering alms and enjoying fellowship. Remember, our Sunday Service will continue every Sunday at the same time. We hope to see you there! 

May all enjoy every good.blessing.
May the blessings be with you all,

AjahnSarayut Arnanta
- Abbot of Wat Buddhametta

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